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Hello! My name is Kristilyn.

My pronouns are they/them.

I have been making art my entire life.


It all started with me drawing all over everything as a child. No surface was safe. My professional journey as an artist began when I opened an Etsy store in 2007, which I maintain to this day (go check it out). Illustration, animation, design are my main modes of creation and are hashed out in my intensely pink studio that resides on a tiny historic hill in Boston, Massachusetts. 


Currently, I'm in love with combining nostalgic and fantastical pop imagery with noxiously vibrant color palettes, and creating new worlds where there is room for everybody. Inspiration for my work is distilled from queer culture, life cycles, international folklore, retro animation styles, classic Art Nouveau illustrators and vintage toys.  

As a juvenile artist, I nurtured my signature style and creative brain at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I'm part cat and have lived many lives since then- a forest witch, a gem sweater adorned rockstar in the underground performance sensation, Leslie and the Ly's, a modern day Tolouse-Lautrec for the local alternative arts scene, and a lo-fi cosplay nerd since 1999


But, I'm presently living my best life drinking tea with my lovely partner and our two cats.

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